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Lemex Expander Roll Time Lapse Assembly

Watch this time lapse video showing the assembly of a Lemex Expander Roll. The Lemex Expander Roll is used for wrinkle removal and web spreading of a wide range of substrates. The individual polyband design allows for easy replacement of bands without removing the roll from the equipment.  The Lemex Expander roll is fabricated from an extruded aluminum shell and a series of individual elastomeric bands. These bands span the aluminum shell and are connected to cams on each end which provide the web spreading action. Positioned correctly in the web path, the substrate will hit the expander roll where the bands are at their contracted position and exit the roll where the bands are extended, creating a spreading effect across the substrate. The amount of spreading can be adjusted simply by changing the location on the roll in which the web enters and exits. This is accomplished by repositioning the expander roll through shaft within its mounts.